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Alfa Mito Workshop Manual Elearn [2022-Latest]


Download: https://urlin.us/2k7dj1


All the best of luck,Caph Frenchie 26-04-06, 18:28 Hello I've a targa top version of the 175 targa top and the interior lights don't work... what do I need to do? Rozz 26-04-06, 21:16 Were they on when you bought the car? Vlad 26-04-06, 21:51 Was it working before you bought the car? [G] 26-04-06, 21:52 The rear lights are OK. The indicators are quite bright and have a timer function that turns the lights on for 5 minutes and then turns them off, which is really nice. The interior lights are rather tricky to find, but can be found here: Look for the diagram of all the interior lights and there is a diagram of the lights, some of which are inside the mirrors, some inside the footwells, some inside the doors, some inside the rear door and another one inside the boot. Here is a pic of the rear lights I meant: All of the lights are similar and even though they are different models they are the same size and shape and are found in the same places. Best of luck,Caph xclimax 26-04-06, 21:58 They were working, but I could never get them to work on the MOT. No matter what I did. After the MOT I just decided to look for another car! bigboi 26-04-06, 22:04 Has anyone got any info on their odometer working on this model?? Do they have front and rear odometers?? Also, from what I can tell, you can't get the info on the radio/cd player on this




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Alfa Mito Workshop Manual Elearn [2022-Latest]

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