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Citizen Canines


Empowering pet dog parents to create the lifestyle of your dreams with your dog!

Positively Training  your Dog in Lake Jackson, Texas
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Citizen Canines

Are you exhausted trying to get your dog to behave and too embarrassed to have friends or family over?

Your dog doesn't know what to do!  Discover how Citizen Canines can help by providing the tools you need to take your dog's behavior from stubborn and inattentive to listening and companionable.

Do you need your dog to listen better?

Let Citizen Canines services get you and your dog started on a path to crystal clear communication.

  •      Stop barking at the door or jumping on everyone who walks in the door.   

  •      Get good Door Manners, and greet new people and dogs calmly. 

  •      End the dragging you around the block or lunging at cars. 

  •      Get great walks that are enriching for your dog and for you.

  •       Stop anxious vet visits and barking at the windows.

  •      Get calmer vet visits and afternoon breaks for you even when the mail comes

  • To Discover what else Citizen Canines can help you and your dog do Click the Discover More link and Book a Call TODAY!

What Clients Say

"Paddy and Amy have helped Manny and me so much! Highly recommend!"
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~ Rachael and Manny

Beginner Basics
Puppy Program


Beginner Basics
Adult Program

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Beginner Basics Program Online

Watch it now

Citizen Canines is a passion project for us, Paddy and Amy Donovan.


Come discover how great your dog is with us!!


10 things you need to train your dog!

Having a dog doesn't have to be complicated but they do need a few things to have a great start in your family.

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