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All Positive Behavior Training for Pet Dogs and Their People!

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Do you ever wish your dog could talk to you?

While dogs do not use a verbal language they do communicate.

Dogs use body language, or their behavior to communicate with other dogs and with their human companions.

Let Citizen Canines services  get you and your dog started on a path to crystal clear communication.

         We are clicker Trainers! Citizen Canines' trainers can show you how to read your dog's behaviors so you can be before behaviors you don't want and building up behaviors that you like and are useful in your life with your dog. Positive reinforcement training in the most beautiful way to communicate with your dog, removing the stress of poor communication.

        Sign up for one of our training programs and you gain access to our daycare and boarding services. Is there a better place to leave your pal than with their trainer? Solo and group play structured time in kennels and yummy treats. Enrichment and handling that uses the training.

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Beginner Basics

Puppy Program

What are your goals for you and your Puppy?



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Beginner Basics

Adult Program

Do you want to be able to take a nice walk with your dog?



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New Goals

Would you like to take your dog to the coffee shop?



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