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Citizen Canines

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About Citizen Canines

We empower pet dog owners to shape the lifestyle of your dreams with your dog. We do this by showing you how to get your dog to listen to you through positive reinforcement training

Citizen Canines will help you discover how to capture the behavior you have always wanted with your dog. Private sessions where you and your dog will learn to walk together and how to recognize stress behavior and how to help. Behavior management strategies and enrichment ideas to keep your dog happy and able to be calm in new situations.

Citizen Canines Student dogs can access our Student only Daycare and Lodging, where they will get group and individual playtime supervised by trainers. 


  I am Amy Donovan, owner and trainer of Citizen Canines. 
  I am happy to bring this lovely method to teach your friend how to be successful in our human world, to my hometown.  We live in Lake Jackson and our kids go to school here and as our business grow we are building a community that sees dogs through the lens of empathy and kindness.  
   Positive reinforcement training changed my view of dogs and dog training. Dogs are smarter and able to learn not to obey, but to communicate and be a partner to you.  Working with clients to improve their understanding of their dogs behavior is my passion. When pet dog owners see their dog 
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I am Paddy Donovan ABCDT, a certified professional dog trainer.  I have been a dog trainer and enthusiast my whole life. I am a crossover trainer which means I used to use training collars on my dogs. 
Once I found Positive Reinforcement training I dropped the harsh method completely and now I am proud to be a Dog Training Professional, bringing this beautiful way to communicate with your dog to the Lake Jackson and surrounding communities of Brazoria County, Texas.

Meet Citizen Canines

Shaping Trust with Kindness

Have you ever seen a well-trained dog?  I  remember the first trained dog I ever saw.  It was amazing to see how calm he was, seated next to his Dad. 

Fast forward to when Paddy and I began talking about beginning Citizen Canines we wanted to help people's lives with their dogs be easier with more cooperative, predictable behavior in their dogs.  Better communication between people and their dogs is the best way to begin. 

We are proud to offer positive reinforcement to families in our area, to keep dogs in their homes and happy for their entire life because their family has the best most up-to-date information on dog behavior.

We want to change the view of pet dogs in Brazoria county. To build a positive dog community. Keeping dogs in their homes because their behavior doesn't become a problem for the family.

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No pressure or obligation. :)

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