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Your Success is Our Reward

Candace and Lolly 

I want to say thank you to Paddy and Amy for all they do for my Lolly girl, I started with them when Lolly was 6 weeks old, she is now 9 months old. They are both amazing teachers and their knowledge and love for the fur babies is well beyond words!! Lolly is a pit/lab mix with a strong attitude, but working with Paddy and Amy she has learned to be a happy, well mannered girl! They have taught me so much about positive training(which I never new existed). Also their daycare is amazing, Lolly attends twice a week, since I work so many hours and I know this helps with her social skills. They have also kept Lolly many nights, and weekends when I have stuff come up or out of town. Paddy and Amy go above and beyond for their students(both the parent and the puppy) they have even gone at the last minute for me and taken care of Lolly when I have been stuck at work longer than planned. They have taught her to walk with ease, social manners, sit, down, and to run beside me when I ride my bike with ease and her most favorite thing of all is playtime in the backyard with all the other dogs!! Thank you Paddy and Amy for all you have done and continue to do for me and Lolly!! If anyone is looking for training for your fur babies, young or old, please give them a call and see how awesome they are!!!

About year ago, I took my son’s puppy to have some training. Paddy and Amy were excellent from the start and put up with us. Paddy would even take Tank for walks while my son was at work. This gave me it the itch to get a dog and of course I took her to Paddy and Amy. What impressed me so much was that all three of their personal dogs, very different breeds, all learned and responded to the same commands. They are very well behaved. They have helped so much with Willow and taught ME how to train Willow. (Although I am not near as good as them). Willow goes to daycare once a week and we board her with Paddy and Amy anytime we are gone! I trust them wholeheartedly. I really don’t think I could have a dog if it weren’t for them. They have been a HUGE support system for me.

Jackie & Willow


Sherry & Boo

Five stars isn't enough to rate Citizen Canines. They deserve a much higher rating. We have a rescue Border Collie / Aussie mix. She's a reactive dog who may have been traumatized in the past. Paddy and Amy are very patient and really know what they're doing. Their teaching technique is perfect and our dog is a completely different dog now. In fact, when I took her to get vaccinated last week, my Vet said this was the best way to train a reactive dog. He was very impressed with how she was so obedient. Because of Citizen Canines, I can take her on bike rides without her trying to chase cars or people. I've learned so much about my own behavior and how it effects her. They trained me how to train her. Now she can play with other dogs where she couldn't before. Paddy and Amy are always studying different programs and techniques to improve their practice which gives me confidence in knowing what they're talking about. My husband is a long distance trail runner who had a problem with a dog chasing him. We called Citizen Canines and Paddy gave us advise over the phone. They are so easy to communicate with. Like so many others, our dog is our "baby". I have complete trust in them and I'm comfortable leaving her there for daycare or boarding. I'm so grateful they are here locally. I would recommend Citizen Canines to anyone who has a rescue dog, older dog, or puppy. They are awesome!