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Your Success is Our Reward

Peggy a deaf Red Heeler, she is mostly white with red freckles

Lindsay and Peggy

I recommend these trainers! I have a deaf Red Heeler/Ridgeback mix who is 6 months old. She came to us running out of the door, chasing the mailman, pottying on everything, and with extreme separation anxiety. Now she is decently kennel trained, knows how to sit, heel, and come to us even without the ability to hear. The improvement is amazing. We’ve only been going 1x a week for a month!


Haley & Sage

Last year we got a dog from the SPCA. She is the sweetest girl named Sage, but she is reactive. When she sees other dogs, she gets nervous. She barks, she lunges at them.

Citizen Canine has been helping us to redirect her with positive reinforcement tools that in just a month have altered her personal happiness and our ability to help her. Our relationship with her has significantly improved and we have a lifetime of tools now to help her be successful. Paddy has been flexible with our schedules and offered us many opportunities to keep practicing and how we can keep setting her up for success. Thank you Citizen Canine for all the help and direction on how to help our baby girl.

Pretty Sage a buff colored Terrier mix
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