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Pile of brightly colored Clickers  to mark desired behavior

What kind of training does Citizen Canines Use?

Citizen Canines uses positive reinforcement training to build better communication between dogs and their people. We look at unwanted behaviors and ask, what do we want to happen instead? And set dogs up for success in their families.

Paddy graduated from The Animal Behavior College as a certified professional dog trainer. Amy is studying to become a certified trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, we will keep you posted on her progress.

Paddy Training with Ali, a joyful black brindle boxer

What should I look for in a trainer?

Compassion and a good understanding of dog behavior. Citizen Canines Trainer Paddy Donovan went to 2 schools to learn dog behavior and how to train dogs using positive reinforcement. The Animal Behavior College and the Karen Pryor Academy. 

What you should look for in a trainer is someone who cares about the success of you and your dog, and can clearly articulate to you how to get there.

Hazel, a Citizen Canines Coach and Cane Corso with his friend Lolly a pit Lab x puppy

When should I start training my dog?

Start now! Whether your new family member is a puppy or an adult dog, she is learning from the moment you meet. Education gives your dog a great start in your home. Knowing how to reward your dog for the great things they already do and how to get the behavior you need to have a stronger relationship with better communication.


Which types of animals does Citizen Canines train?

Citizen Canines trains pet dogs and their people using Positive Reinforcement training. Training with clickers and treats to get the best communication possible.  We will show you how to shape behaviors that work in your home.  We offer weekly private classes on your schedule. We like to pair our training with our student only daycare to help dogs new to training keep up there practice outside of classes. 

Hazel, a cane corso, and Citizen Canines Coach

What does Citizen Canines do differently than others in your field?

Citizen Canines looks at the whole situation in every dog's life that we meet. How long do dogs have to be at home alone or how much exercise do they get to alleviate; whom do they live with, like children, cats or other dogs.  We love to help dogs with door manners and loose leash walking and getting to go to the coffee shop with the family.  Citizen Canines is here for the success of our clients throughout your dog's life.  

Green Citizen Canines Branded Clicker on a piece of weathered wood

Positive Reinforcement for Positive Results

Citizen Canines uses positive reinforcement to reward behavior that works for the family, like walking on lead without pulling or being emotionally able to meet other dogs or people without getting too excited.

Positive reinforcement is the most beautiful method for teaching new behavior to any animal. Clicker training is based on behavioral science, adding the clicker makes the training more specific and adding positive reinforcement makes the behaviors more reliable

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