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Board & Train

In this limited space program your puppy or dog comes to stay with us and get a full Citizen Canines Experience, Training sessions everyday, covering basic behaviors including, Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Targeting, Stationing Behavior, as well as behaviors specific to you and your dog. After your dog comes home there are 4 classes for you and your family, as well as access to our student only daycare and boarding.

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Beginner Basic Puppy Program

This program is an excellent way to start your puppy's education. A four-week program to open communication between you and your puppy. The course includes an Orientation and 4 1-hour sessions in puppy behavior. We help develop an understanding of loose leash walking and good house manners, like potty training and how to greet guests; using reinforcing games to help shape proper behaviors.

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Ana - Puppy Ambassador


Daycare for Students

One of the Perks of becoming a Citizen Canines' Spayed or Neutered Student is the Student Daycare. Do you need a day off? Or need to run errands in the afternoon; we offer half days and whole days with the trainers at Citizen Canines, your dog will receive supervised playtime, kennel time, and independent time in the yard. Your dog will be handled with the same love and care we give our own, using communication you are learning in your sessions and will receive socialization in a group of dogs that all have the same all positive training.


Ana likes her toys


Beginner Basic Adult Program

This Program is for adult dogs 9 months and up. A six-week program that focuses on improving communication between people and their adult dogs, Including an Orientation and 6 sessions in dog behavior. Redirecting your dog into more desired behaviors. We help develop an understanding of Loose Leash Walking, successfully handling new situations, and improving in-home manners.


Olive - Want to learn to blow kisses?


Boarding for Students 

The next best thing to taking your pal on vacation is letting them stay with the trainer at Citizen Canines. Spayed or Neutered Students stay for one night or a couple of weeks; they receive supervised individual and group playtime, tether time indoors (practicing their homework) Group walks with the trainers and kennel training, and all the love we can give them while they are with us. Socialization with a variety of dogs, including our own so they can learn to play with dogs who know how to play. We only take our students so all dogs are learning the same language and have the same positive training as a foundation


Olive is the Sweetest


Custom Classes

This program requires either the Beginner Basic Adult or Puppy Program before enrolling. A 6 week program to develop stronger behaviors and better reliability. We will work on behaviors that work on vacations or at home, Loose Leash Walking and Off-Leash Behaviors, using games and reinforcement dogs love. What do you want to do with your dog? Hiking? Biking? Watch TV? Learn how to shape your dog to work well in your life!


Hazel - Head Coach

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Training bundles with Daycare

Citizen Canines offers Student Daycare packages to suit your needs, you select the number of days and Citizen Canines Student daycare is there for you. Your dog will get the love and care along with great socialization playing alongside other Citizen Canines Dogs on your schedule and a special rate for Daycare when you add training sessions.



Hazel, our cheerful guy