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Why Positive Reinforcement?

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To put it simply, Positive reinforcement training is

the most beautiful way to communicate with your dog!

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How it works

When you give reinforcements to your dog for desired behavior, that behavior is likely to reoccur. With Citizen Canines you will begin to mark the behavior you like and want and reinforce it with a treat, when this becomes consistent in your dog's life the desired behaviors become more and more reliable.


Using Cues

In R+ training we shape behaviors to a cue, that we use to ask a dog to perform a learned behavior. So your dog can feel safe and confident. The more a behavior is reinforced the more reliable the response to the cue will be.



Before you make new friends you should learn how to meet them. With Positive reinforcement training, you can train behaviors to make meeting new friends a good experience


Early Training

Whether your new dog is a puppy or a new rescue beginning their life with you with positive reinforcement training is how to build good associations with their new humans and new home.


Clear Commnuication

First, we have to understand that Dogs do not use spoken language. They read body language. When we show them that we are watching and can respond to their attempts to communicate with us and we consistently respond with a clear message, a food reward, your dog's behavior will become more consistent.


Making your Dog

your Partner

Positive Reinforcement training builds trust between you and your dog. You are reliable with your requests (Cues) and your dog is reliable in her responses. This reliability is our responsibility.


TO Treat or

Not to Treat

TREAT! Treats are the + in R+. The more frequently you pay for a behavior the more reliable the behavior will become. You get to be like an awesome Gran'mom and have all the best treats and best behaviors



You DO want your dog to BARK;

But also to be able to stop when asked.

At Citizen Canines we use your dog's engagement with you to help your dog to learn how to stop barking when called and how to return to a stationing behavior, away from the door.

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