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3 ways to lower stress for Pet Dog Parents- Living with Dogs

Looney Toons' K-9, a green hound dog with a Martian Helmet and white shoes sitting sweetly
Looney Toons' K-9 sweet little Alien

Have you ever looked at your dog and thought, “You are the sweetest little alien I ever saw?”  When you begin living with dogs, of any age, in your home, that is exactly what they are. 

 Understanding this simple idea makes mistakes less stressful, which I love. I have found poop on the floor and told myself, whose fault it really is, mine, and you don’t have to be mad, even at yourself, mistakes happen and tell you where you need to be more vigilant of Potty Routines or Behaviors. New dogs and puppies must be shown where you want them to go potty. 

Meeting your dog where they are and bringing your understanding of what they need to learn to be successful, living with humans.

Seated Frenchie with butterfly headband
We do not know what he's thinking!


Employ Simplicity... if you are struggling with your dog rushing through the door and nearly dumping you on the floor!  Ask Yourself “What do I want my dog to do instead?” I, personally, prefer my dogs to remain where they were before I stood up to go pee, however, when they don’t I want them to wait while I go through the door alone and they go back to chilling on their mat or playing in the yard. You have to tell them what you need, in this scenario, please wait here, while I leave unimpeded, then if you don’t mind, they can follow, or you can close the door. 

black lab with an older man with a white beard playing together
Combine your love for your dog with actions that helps them live a long happy life

Love seems like a no-brainer, but I am talking about love as a verb, the acts of love that builds a relationship the learning your dog needs to do, like potty training, so it is a process with goals that rely on you because your puppy doesn’t know when and where to go potty. Combine that with employing simplicity of placing the kennel on your path to the door, and if you add a long leash you can wrap up the training part in a snap.  

If you observe your dog for its signs of stress, especially when you are out and about with your dog, then you have the opportunity to Advocate for them. Advocation is not just keeping people from petting your dog. Understanding that they do not know what the expectation is if the situation is new to them. Ask people to give your dog space or if your dog’s behavior is rattling apart, know when it's time to go before your dog is too overstimulated and makes a mistake. Having a plan so you can leave quietly is a great way to advocate for an overstimulated dog. Knowing your dog's time limits, so you can end play before it gets too rough or even having a routine naptime with a treat in the kennel. These are all great ways to help your dog be Happy!! 

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