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Planning to become a Pet Dog Parent

Updated: Jan 26

Becoming a Dog Parent is frequently taken lightly, the ideas of fluffy little butts and happy tails and thousands of kisses push the thoughts of care taking that come with a dog. Taking a puppy or rescue home should be a happy time and part of how you keep it happy is through a bit of preparation before the new member of your family arrives. 

  • Puppy-Proof Your Home: 

Look around your home and make sure it's pup friendly. Get rid of any potential trouble spots, secure loose cables, and put away anything that could end up in your puppy's mouth. Keep laundry and shoes up or in closets. Just like with toddlers puppies explore with their mouth. Once you get your puppy or dog home begin a practice of trade for everything your puppy picks up, a little treat for dropping toys or things they aren't supposed to have.

  • Create a Cozy Corner: 

Set up a special spot where your pup can chill. It could be a comfy crate or a cozy corner for effective potty training and a highly treated spot for them. Make sure you have access to unsupervised spaces off from the puppy.

  • Shop for Puppy Gear: 

Grab all the must-have puppy stuff: bowls for food and water, a comfy harness with room to grow and leash, a cushy bed, toys, grooming goodies, and, of course, puppy grub. 

  • Vet Vibes: 

Find a vet for your new sidekick. Schedule a meet-and-greet to chat about shots, spaying/neutering, and general health. It's like getting a family doctor for your fur baby! 

  • Game Plan for Training: 

Look into a positive reinforcement pro, and plan out how you'll work your magic making your new friend a successful family member. Basic skills like recall and loose leash walking, sit down and stay as well as household manners and greeting guests at home and socialization so they have less stress in new situations. 

  • Feeding Routine: 

Feed your new Pup with age-appropriate food and if you have concerns consult your vet about the best food for your type of dog. A consistent feeding schedule is your secret weapon for smooth house training and keeping your pup healthy. Even adult dogs new to your home need potty training to build the routine. 

  • Social Butterfly Plans: 

Your pup needs to mingle! Create a plan to introduce them to different people, places, and maybe some four-legged pals too. Socialization is not just playtime, it is teaching your dog that they can be calm in new situations, or when they see or meet new people or dogs. Socialization time! 

  • Get Ready to Move: 

Puppies are little balls of energy, so get ready for playtime! Short walks, fun games, and activities suitable for your pup's age are all on the agenda. Easy integrations with a new rescue, remember they need time to grow trust and learn the routine of their new home. 

  • Hit the Road Prepared: 

If you're picking up your pup from a breeder or shelter, make sure you've got a comfy ride set up for them. A kennel or a seat belt, a seat cover or towel, a couple of trash bags, in case of accidents and some bottled water. 

  • Emergency Readiness:

Enjoy every moment of welcoming your new furry friend into your life! It's going to be a pawsitively awesome adventure. 


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